iEvoBio: Informatics for Phyogenetics, Evolution, and Biodiversity Conference - June 29-30, 2010 - Oregon Convention Center _ Portland, Oregon, USA. Featuring: Visualization Challenge Hipsibius dujardini DNA Alignment Water Striders Land Iguana Oregon Convention Center Google Earth Phylogenies



iEvoBio features several traditional elements, including a keynote presentation at the beginning of each day and contributed full talks in the morning, as well as more dynamic and interactive elements, including a challenge, lightning talk-style sessions, a software bazaar, and Birds-of-a-Feather gatherings. The detailed program schedule is available below.

Confirme keynote speakers are

Jonathan Eisen
Jonathan Eisen, PhD (University of California, Davis), and
Rob Guralnick
Rob Guralnick, PhD (University of Colorado at Boulder).

The Call for Lighning Talks has filled up, and new submissions can at most be wait-listed. Software Bazaar submissions are still being accepted until the first day of the conference. Birds-of-a-feather gathering proposals are now being solicited, and are recommended to be broadcast on Twitter using the #ievobioBof hashtag. The Call for Abstracts for Full Talks closed on April 16, and the accepted talks are published below.

iEvoBio and its sponsors are dedicated to promoting the practice and philosophy of Open Source software development and reuse within the research community. For this reason, if a submitted talk concerns a specific software system for use by the research community, that software must be licensed with a recognized Open Source License, and be available for download, including source code, by a tar/zip file accessed through ftp/http or through a widely used version control system like cvs, Subversion, git, Bazaar, or Mercurial.

Full Talks

  • Ryan N Gutenkunst, Ryan D Hernandez, Scott H Williamson, Carlos D Bustamante: Diffusion Approximations for Demographic Inference: DaDi
  • Joe Felsenstein: Using molecular and morphological data to connect fossils to a phylogeny
  • Dan Rosauer, Shawn Laffan: Mapping phylogeography easily with Biodiverse
  • Vincent S. Smith, David Roberts: Top-down and bottom-up informatics: who has the high ground?
  • Todd Vision: The Dryad Digital Repository: Published evolutionary data as part of the greater data ecosystem
  • Cynthia S. Parr: Community content building for evolutionary biology: Lessons learned from LepTree and Encyclopedia of Life
  • Rutger Aldo Vos, Hilmar Lapp, William Halliday Piel, Val Tannen: TreeBASE2: Rise of the Machines
  • Roderic Page: Phyloinformatics in the age of Wikipedia
  • Nico M. Franz: Biological taxonomy and ontology development: scope and limitations
  • Brandon Chisham, Trung Le, Enrico Pontelli, Tran Son, Ben Wright: CDAO-Store: A New Vision for Data Integration
  • Victor Hanson-Smith, Joe Thornton: Phylogenetic Mixture Models and Optimization by Simulated Annealing
  • Kevin Liu, Tandy Warnow, Mark T Holder, Serita Nelesen, Jiaye Yu, Alexis Stamatakis, C. Randall Linder: SATe-II: co-estimation of trees and alignments
  • Arlin Stoltzfus, Nico Cellinese, Karen Cranston, Hilmar Lapp, Sheldon McKay, Enrico Pontelli, Rutger Vos: EvoIO: Interop technology meets community science
  • Jeet Sukumaran, Mark Holder: Phylogenetic operations in Python with Dendropy

Full Program Schedule

Late-breaking program updates are still possible and hence the schedule may still change. The program lists the presenting author, which is not necessarily the lead or only author. The abstracts of all full and lightning talk presentations are preliminarily being made available on the manuscript submission system. They will eventually be deposited for permanent archiving in a designated Nature Precedings collection.

Important Dates

  • February 12, 2010: Registration opens.
  • March 2, 2010: Call for Abstracts for full talks opens.
  • April 16, 2010: Deadline for submitting full talk abstracts.
  • April 26, 2010: Last day for Early Registration.
  • April 26, 2010: Call for Lightning Talks opens.
  • May 26, 2010: Call for Software Bazaar entries opens.
  • June 21, 2010: Deadline for submitting Challenge entries.
  • June 25, 2010: Evolution 2010 conference begins.
  • June 29: Deadline for submitting Lightning Talks, Software Bazaar entries, and Birds-of-a-Feather gatherings.
  • June 29 + 30, 2010: iEvoBio conference takes place.