iEvoBio: Informatics for Phyogenetics, Evolution, and Biodiversity Conference - Ottawa, Canada. Theme: Sythesizing Treesgraft detail
10-11 July 2012
Ottawa, Canada
Sister meeting with Evolution 2012




Registration to iEvoBio is handled through the Evolution 2012 registration system. You can co-register for both the Evolution Meetings and the iEvoBio satellite conference, or for iEvoBio alone. Registration will also be available onsite until 4pm on Tuesday, July 10. There is no late registration penalty for iEvoBio (though there is for Evolution).

The registration fee for Evolution and iEvoBio co-registrants is $80, plus the registration fee for Evolution, and $130 for iEvoBio-only registration. Postdocs and students receive a $30 discount, whether registering jointly or only for iEvoBio.

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